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    Back & neck pain




    C H I R O P R A CT I C   S E R V I C E S

    With over 28 years of experience, Dr. Mike Davis offers patient-centered chiropractic care to treat:  

    Herniated Discs

    neck pain

    back pain


    sports injuries

    collision injuries

    work related injuries

    spinal alignment


    "The staff is amazing! The doctor knows how to make you feel comfortable and knows exactly what he's doing. They also use a product called Cyrogel and its phenomenal! Relieved my back pain for hours while I worked home health care!!"

    Kaytie S. - Google

    Chiropractic care in Xenia, OH

    Xenia Chiropractic in Greene County, OH, cares about your recovery. Whether you have a work-sustained or sports-related injury, our experienced chiropractor will get to the root of your problem and find a treatment that will improve your quality of life. Committed to exceptional patient support, we strive to do whatever we can for our patients.     

    relieve pain naturally

    We have several options of Vitamineral Cryogel for patients to purchase at our office. Which include Cryogel Island Rain, Lavender, and Ocean Sport. This is a professional strength formula which produces a cooling and pain relieving effect when applied to muscles and tissues irritated or inflamed by trauma or stress. 

    • Helps promote pain relief for osteo and, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, muscular soreness, neuritis and shingles
    • Greaseless & non-staining
    • Refreshing, non-medicinal scent

    Our Treatments

    Xenia Chiropractic offers the newest technology on the market to assist you in the healing of your injury. Our top priority is to find a holistic solution for your condition without relying on conventional medication and its dangerous side effects. Not only will our treatments help you recover from your condition, but you’ll also benefit from total body wellness. Our treatments include spinal adjustments and manipulation as well as chiropractic mobilization.

    Supporting You

    As our patient, you’re the most important person in our office. Helping our patients fully recover is our chiropractor’s mission. When you receive your first consultation with Dr. Davis, you can expect detailed information and easy-to-understand explanations for your condition. After your consultation, our friendly office staff will assist you in whatever way we can, including answering questions about your current insurance coverage.

    We Accept Most Insurances


    Xenia Chiropractic offers discounts to our patients paying with cash. Call our office today for more information about this special offer or to schedule your appointment with our chiropractor.